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Thank you, Mr.Turin, for seven months of scented happiness and for the knowledge you have shared with me.


Sorry, there IS an interest, thank you for the opportunity of reading the archieve. Wishing you all the best and awaiting you be back some day!

"The Other" Fabienne

Your blog will be missed. Your thoughtful, well examined comments were a great joy to anticipate. I hope that whatever it is you are doing turns out extremely well for you. I will be looking forward to your new book and swooping down on a copy even if I have to buy it on another continent.

The very very best to you in 2006 and beyond.


Grazie, then, M. Turin. Happy new year!


Your blog will be sadly missed. Thankyou so much for the pdf archive of the whole blog. Invaluable, I loved it. All the very best for the future. Looking forward to purchasing a copy of your book this year.


Thank you so much for the pdf of it all - it's much appreciated. Thanks for the good reads while it lasted!


Wahhh! Just found your blog. How about making your day job part-time? Your nose is needed here.


Thanks for a lovely blog, Luca. I'm working my way through the Carons you recommended long ago and have fallen hard for Tabac Blond-- wish I could keep reading your thoughts on all the other wonderful scents out there. All the best with your work.


SilentObserver from Switzerland here: Thanks for the great Blog and all the best.

PK Fragrance

What a great shame, it has been nice reading the posts that you had worked hard and loved, you will be missed.

Lydia in Phoenix

Boo hoo! I only discovered the blog recently and have enjoyed it immensely. Looking at the early entries for the first time I was struck again by Dr. T's wonderful wit, imagination and prose style, rather evocative of the old J. Peterman catalogues. Au revoir, Dr. Turin, and to all your lovely friends in the ether. I'll miss you! XOX, Lydia


Well I can't help being a little (more like a LOT) egotistical about all this..
At last I found a blog where I can peek into the sensibility of a (insert adjective for sensible that avoids redundance here) soul, and now you take it away! ;-) .

Let me give you a gift...
Have you ever smelt the flower of the "Elephant Ear" plant.. (
Try it as soon as you see one next late spring/early summer... If I ever design a woman's fragrance... that would be the top (and why not center?) note.

Thank you Luca!! Hope you can get into the blog thing soon..You sure have a lot to give.

Pedro D'Ardis


Luca, this was the only blog worth reading in my opinion. I have thoroughly enjoyed your literate, lyrical and witty posts. You will be much missed.


Thank you for your dedication to good taste, I hope this is not the last we hear from you.


Too bad you're, all of a sudden, not blogging anymore. Sure, we'll miss your comments!
Your blog was a balance to my other reading habit: ;)

Christina H.

Geez,I never really posted anything but always loved reading your contoversial thoughts on fragrances!You'll sorely be missed by us quiet readers who were just too intimidated by your thrashing of some scents.Please consider coming back at a more conventient time.


Enjoyed your insights and opinions Luca...


I will miss your writing. It is no wonder you can't juggle a demanding job with such prose. While I sympathise with the outcome, I lament your dissapearance. Your departure has left me two things: wanting more and a residual remembering of what was good. Any tasty scent should. Good perfume. Good writing.

Kalpana Swaminathan

Dear Professor Turin: I look forward to your book--and to finding a true pandanus extract to send you. Kew Gardens might have a fresh flower too !
Thank you for sharing your joy in perfume, and the pdf!


Ce n'est qu'un au revoir.


Me too, what Salaam said, "Ce n'est qu'un au revoir." Next time I will make my own French sentence, as I'm the meantime, you know that your perspicacity and irreverence is deeply missed! oxo


I will truly miss your elegant descriptions of the greats--and candid reviews of the not-so-greats.
best of luck with the day job.

Alessandro Sensidoni

Gentilissimo Luca Turin,
senza particolari preamboli, ma schiettamente riconoscente in anticipo per
un suo cenno, se avesse la curiosità di comunicare con me,
le chiedo un contatto per discutere di un mio interesse di ricerca che
perseguo da un pò di tempo....:
Correlare sensazioni olfattive ai colori ai fini dell'obbiettività nella
degustazione di bevande (soprattutto superalcolici....);
ricercare nelle armonie naturali l'ordine delle sensazioni con particolare
interesse per la sunestesia.

Attendo con ansia una sua risposta o un accenno di contatto.


Darn it....I was told that I just had to read your musings but I left my run too late.

Take care and think about a revival one day soon...from reading the above comments it's more than obvious that you will be missed.


Kara Baker

Hi... I discovered Guerlain's Mitsouko 31 years ago and Luca Turin less than a week ago. Are there are any plans for the translation of the perfume guide from 1992 into english- does anyone know? Very sad to have discovered this blog too late. Bravo Luca and good luck!

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